Do your students struggle with sight words?

Are you looking for a way to teach sight words that is both FUN and EFFECTIVE?


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Whether you're a classroom teacher or a parent at home, you're in the right place!  

Learning to read can be challenging!  One reason for this is that all the words in our language don't "follow the rules" of letters and sounds.  These are often called "sight words" and they can present real stumbling blocks for young readers.  When such words aren't recognized instantly, it can interfere with fluency and comprehension.  

What if I told you a frog could help?


Sight Word Poems with Sidney

Available in storybook form or in blackline Teacher's Edition, Sight Word Poems with Sidney offers a GREAT way to teach 240 sight words embedded in appealing, kid-friendly poems that children and teachers LOVE!  Just read the following testimonials!


“I have taught as a Reading Specialist for the past 8 years, and I am always looking for new ways to teach sight words to the lower-elementary students. Some techniques are extremely high-interest, but aren’t necessarily research-based.  Other techniques are proven to work, but the students lose interest because of the rote nature of the program’s presentation.  Sight Word Poems with Sidney is the first program that I have found that goes through every single sight word list, is high-interest, and is research-based.  Sight Word Poems with Sidney allows students to see all of the sight words in text, specifically in rhyming poems that are fun to read and easy to decode.  This gives authenticity and purpose to the sight word recognition.  The poems are leveled well, and the students always make undeniable progress from week to week as they go through new sight word poems/units...I highly recommend this program for its creativity and comprehensive nature.  The planning is done for you in detail and is research-based.  If you are looking for a way to teach sight words in a 30-minute block each day of the week, look no further!”  -Jessica L.

“I found Sight Word Poems with Sidney to be an effective way to learn non-decodable sight words.  It is methodically put together and targets the words which occur frequently in primary grade text, but which are not readily decodable for students.  A lot of thought and research was put into the selection of the words to be included.  The poems are fun and very kid-friendly!”        - Lisa S.

What does it include?

The storybook version contains:

  • All 24 poems and their associated sight word lists of 10 words each. 

  • Full-color illustrations

  • Answers to frequently asked questions about teaching sight words. 

  • Priced at only $9.99!  FREE SHIPPING to addresses within the continental US

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The Teacher's Edition contains:

  • Full color Instructor Guide with full and detailed explanation of how to use the program.

  • Weekly lesson plan outline.

  • Information on the research behind it.

  • All 24 poems and their associated sight word lists of 10 words each.

  • Blackline masters for student copies of each poem.

  • Pre/Post Assessment

  • Blackline copies of student flashcards of each word numbered to make organization a breeze!

  • Blackline copies of the writing practice page, student pogress charts, and certificate of completion

  • BONUS: If you order directly from me, I will include a CD with all 24 poems and words in Power Point slide format for whole-class display AND a PDF containing ready-to-print Word Wall cards of all 240 words!

  • Priced at only $29.99!  Includes FREE SHIPPING to addresses within the continental US!

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Want to find out more? 

This FREE White Paper includes the following.

  • A more detailed overview of the research behind Sight Word Poems with Sidney

  • Answers frequently asked questions 

  • Data from actual classroom usage of the program

  • Information about my on-site training in how to use this amazing program. 


Great for teachers, reading specialists, and principals!

Do you have a question about Sight Word Poems with Sidney?  I'm happy to answer, so feel free to reach out!  I look forward to hearing from you! 

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