Are you really safe at school?

Times have changed.  Behaviors that were once unheard of are now filling the headlines. It's hard to feel safe anywhere, but there are things you can do to protect yourself, your colleagues, and the precious students in your care.

This powerful book is written by my friend and colleague, Eric Combs.  Having served in the Air Force as a Security Forces Superintendent and Special Tactics Instructor and later as a teacher, principal at both the elementary and secondary levels, and being honored as the 2006 Ohio teacher of the year, Eric is uniquely qualified to offer sound advice on this important topic.

Inside, you'll find tips for establishing good safety and security habits in your own everyday life. From safety in public places to security in cyberspace, this book calls your attention to things about which you might not otherwise think, but should be aware!  

It also discusses how educators can implement methods at school to keep themselves and others safe in the event of an intruder, bomb threat, or other disaster.

What's more, Eric offers on-site evaluations of current procedures and training for staff. Here's an overview of this amazing training.

1.       Onsite security evaluation and assessment. 

 This requires an unfettered access day to allow our team to examine physical and operational security aspects, methods, procedures and terrain association.  This Extensive application will create a safety and security portfolio with recommendations for your school to implement.    It includes:

  • Onsite survey with video and images

  • Terrain feature survey for evacuation routes

  • Drone imagery (weather permitting)

  • Assessment of current procedures

  • Recommendations for further procedures to increase security signature


2.       Staff training for key safety and security measures

  This can be from ½ to a full day of training for the entire staff which will include

  •  Emergency simulations

  •  Active shooter protocols and response

  •  Bomb threat response

  •  Evacuations for both active shooter and fire

  •  Shelter-In Place Operations

  •  Stand To, Modified and Full Lockdowns


3.       Security and Safety Team Training

  This program targets your individual team to give them intensive training so they can continue to review and assess potential threats and create your own responses to emerging situations. 

  • SASQ Method of Threat Assessment and Evaluation

  • Development of Harbor Points

  • Establishing communication protocols for emergencies

  • Establishing Relationships with local first responders

  • Prepare protocols and SOPs for emergency operations and Recovery operations after an event


  As each school will have its own set of limitations, potential threats, and ability to react, this program can be customized to fit your specific needs.  With this three-pronged approach Eric's team helps schools intelligently and systematically identify whar the potential threats are and develop onsite protocols and habits to help eliminate or mitigate them. 


If you're interested in having this training at your school, please contact me below and I will coordinate with Eric to schedule it for you!
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