Tired of losing valuable instructional time to disruptive behavior?

As an educator, you know the value of instructional time.  You also know that disruptive student behavior can steal that precious time!  Such behavior can range from chronic low-level things like blurting out or clowning around to defiance, disrespect, and even crisis level dangers (see School Safety and Security).  With everything that is at stake these days, we simply can't afford to sacrifice precious instructional time to dealing with behavioral disruptions.

Teachers, principals, and kids have much more important things to do with that time!    

Let's think about this.
What if there were a way to reclaim instructional time lost to disciplinary matters and rededicate it to learning?
What if such a program were proven to increase student test scores, expand parental involvement and improve teacher job satisfaction?
What if that program helped teachers establish order in their classrooms and achieve excellence with their students?


Time to Teach

Classroom Management
If you're looking for the solution to classroom management concerns at your school, you've just found it!
In fact, take this quiz to find out if this amazing program is needed at YOUR school!



If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Time to Teach is right for your school!
How does it work?
I'm so glad you asked!
Quality Classroom Management is made up of these 4 components:
Positive Teacher-Student Relationships
Clear Behavioral Expectations
 A Learning-Conducive Enviornment
 Effective Intervention Stragegies

Time to Teach offers teachers guidance and support in each of these critical areas. 

Teachers learn what their management style is and how to strengthen areas they may need to target.

Time to Teach offers three different resources to support teachers. 

You decide which one is right for you and/or your school!

We call this the Yellow Book!  It offers a wonderful summary/overview of the program.  It is also available in audiobook form!  Great for:

  • Individual Teachers wanting to improve their skills 

  • Principals wanting to learn more about Time to Teach 

  • Faculty book studies

  • Only $24.99 with FREE shipping within the continental US  


Click HERE to order

This is our Teach-To's book!  We believe that,no matter how old they are, kids need to be taught exactly how to do things at school, so we say that we "teach to" the desired expectations!  This book is a goldmine!  It contains over 100 lesson plans for teaching routines and procedures for both elementary and secondary students! Teach them EXACTLY how you want them to do EVERY routine and procedure in your classroom or building.  Priced at only $39.99 with FREE shipping!

Click HERE to order!

We also offer half- or full-day trainings on Time to Teach!  Great for Professional Development days or as a follow up to a faculty book study using the Yellow Book mentioned above!  These trainings are FUN, ENGAGING, and truly RELEVANT for teachers! 

Click HERE to learn more about a FREE consultation about holding a training at YOUR school!


(Note:  This manual is NOT FOR SALE independently.  It is ONLY AVAILABLE to participants in an official training.) 


Here's what educators around the country are saying about Time to Teach!

"I have been teaching for 15 years.  I wish I had this training 15 years ago!  I am definitely going to change the way I manage the classroom!  Bravo, Time to Teach!  -  Melissa R., Cottleville, MO

"As a first year teacher, I now feel more confident about walking into my classroom on the first day of school and knowing the proper prodcures for teaching behavior."  - Debbie M., Portland, TX

"I have seen some of my students move up from Special Education in Title programs to achieve at grade-level performance.  My referrals have been eliminated.  Students never able to do so before are now meeting benchmark standards and making dramatic gains in reading and writing."  -Libba Sager, Associate Principal, Sam Case Primary, OR

Data and Results

"Time to Teach provides a powerful and caring discipline system...Students are accountable for their actions.Teachers can teach and students can learn!"

-Dr. Brodie Bricker, Principal

"During my first two years as principal, we experienced over 300 office referrals and over 150 out-of-school suspensions.  This year we are using Time to Teach strategies and have had only 2 office referrals in 6 weeks!"

 - John Hargrove, Principal

"Time to Teach has transformed the culture and climate of our school. Teachers and students are in sync with consistent schoolwide behavioral expectations."

 - Dr. Johnny Alvarado, Principal

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Time to Teach qualify for Title funding?

YES!  The books and the training qualify for Title 1 and Title 2 Part A funds. 


Can this training be customized to meet the specific needs of my school?

Absolutely!  I'm happy to chat with you anytime about the particular challenges your school faces.  I even do on-site walk-throughs and video conferencing to gain a better understanding of your school's unique challenges.

Does Time to Teach work with other school discipline programs?

You bet!  Time to Teach goes hand in hand most other programs and actually makes them more effective!

Does Time to Teach work for secondary level students or just for elementary?

Time to Teach works for students at ALL grade levels Pre-K through 12th!  Every aspect of the program can be adapted to fit the needs, behaviors, and abilities of students of all ages.

Is there support available AFTER the training to keep the momentum going and ensure success?

YES!  I can arrange for the training of an on-site leadership team made up of faculty members of your choice.  This is NOT a one time deal or a sit-and-get training that leaves you on your own.  I become your personal on-call consultant and will provide whatever follow up is needed in addition to your own on-site team that will be fully trained in supporting the Time to Teach program.  

Have more questions?  Email me using the form below or call me at 540-328-1350!  I'm happy to answer!
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